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Beer Glass

Our Beers

Come visit our tap room for the most

up to date selection!

Rotating Selection

Lighter Beers

Hef-ty Melons


Heul Melon hops give a melon-like aroma.  Banana-spicy notes too


Skiptooth Lager

Unfiltered Lager

Refreshing yet complex, a best-seller

Just Peachy!

Peach Saisson

Fresh summer peaches enhance this lightly fruited beer



Pale Ales and IPAs

Code Name Seagull

New England IPA

Citrusy hazy with well balanced bitterness.

Try our Pelican dry-hopped version!

Northern Climes

West Coast IPA

The Californian IPA imbued with fantastic Northern hops Denali, Eldorado and Cascade



Pale Ale

A real “brewer’s beer” this single-hop pale gets its fresh citrusy-ness from New Zealand’s Motueka hops

Malty and Darker

Stout n about

Imperial Stout

Dark and roasty toasty with cocoa and coffee notes


Amber Glow

Amber Ale

Rich and smooth with just enough hoppy finish


Munich Dunkel

Dark Lager

Smooth dark beer that drinks like a lager




Purple Drank

Acai Kettle sour

A unique Acai-only sour that shines in its brilliant magenta hue and fruit finish


Simply Sour

Kettle sour

Berliner Weisse-ish with a tingly sour crispness!

Hard Seltzers


Tropical Seltzer

Pineapple!  Mango! Passionfruit! Soursop! Lemon! Hurray!



Apple Seltzer

Fresh, crisp with a dry finish.  They won’t let us make cider, but we sure can make a ciderlicous seltzer!

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