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Your Brew Crew


Brewmaster & Head of Operations


This brewmaster knows more than a thing or two about making beer, and specifically about fermentation. Aaron was at one time a BJCP certified judge, the ultimate mark of knowing more about beer than most of us ever will. Makes sense--he's been brewing for over 27 years, winning a few awards and competitions along the way. If that weren't enough, Aaron also spent his professional career as a chemical engineer specializing in Biotech fermentation science here in the Bay Area. So, not only does he know the finer points about what makes a great beer, he's pretty darn good at making them too. You'll see what we mean when you try one of Aaron's artful (and scientific!) creations.


The brewery is a life-long passion that turned into a dream come true for Aaron; he's fully committed to running the operations at Pedro Point Brewing and does more for us than we can list. Say hello the next time you see him; he'll chat with you about pretty much anything. We love him around here, and so will you!


Head of Marketing


She comes from an extensive and successful career in consulting, business strategy, and marketing on a global scale. Fortunately for you beer-loving public, Roberta's got mad skills at the local level too--like at your friendly neighborhood beach-town brewery, for instance. She's our Head of Marketing, Events Coordinator, Social Media Queen, and manages business partnerships and community engagement for the brewery.  Roberta also does wonders for the brewery as our resident Art Director, designing all our branding, publication, and merchandise.


When you come to the brewery and are treated to live music, a comedy act, a popup restaurant, a local artist's gallery, or PPB swag, you can thank Roberta for those fine details. If not for her, the guys might have stopped at providing you just the essentials like great beer, a bar to sit at, the TVs, and maybe a bathroom.

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Business Development


Aaron didn't know it at the time, but in 2015 he got Jason into homebrewing after sharing some of his own high-quality, home-brewed craft beer at a house party. Years later, Jason’s entrepreneurial spirit--bred from a career in technical sales--found a place to grow with Aaron, Roberta, and the birth of the brewery. Pedro Point Brewing is the harmony of three things this guy loves: people, business, and beer!


Jason is a proud Veteran of the United States Navy; you’ll find him at the brewery occasionally on weekends, likely petting a customer’s dog and making up for all those years on a ship where "office dogs" weren't a thing. If not, he’ll be out in town on a mission to bring Pedro Point beer to the masses at a bar or restaurant near you.

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